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KEISDATA sviluppa e realizza progetti che consentono ai clienti di raggiungere e mantenere la conformità dei propri sistemi, di migliorare l’organizzazione, i processi e la performance del capitale umano.

Knowledge Management and IT Transformation

  • Publishing, consultancy and assistance for the management of the information system on loans and tendering procedures of the European Union.
  • Creation of a manual for the Application Tracking System (ATS) for the authorization procedures of drugs.
  • Creation of an information system, based on a federation of databases, to organize, archive and manage the community information on tenders and market analysis.
  • Implementation of the Expert Document System (EDS) platform.
  • Computerization of the Observatory of Health and Safety integrated with the Environment.
  • Computer engineering of documentation related to the Environmental Management System and Health and Safety of Workers.
  • Project to characterize the main sources of knowledge applied to a private research center and outsourced document processing service.
  • Realization of the WEB site and of the document management system, of the knowledge and of the regulation.
  • Creation of a document collection on electronic support on the European Procedures related to the Consumer Protection Policy.
  • Drafting of guides, technical insights and newsletters.
  • Consultation system of rules, laws, obligations and knowledge to support the process of responsibilities and delegations.
  • Study of eCommerce techniques through the creation of a website for the Intranet of the Ispra Joint Center on the organization and classification of the Informative Notes disseminated within the Center.
  • IT support for the ETOMEP project (European Technical Office for MEdicinal Products) for the development of the Eudranet and technical network for Internet Publishing activities.
  • Development of a document system on legislation in the field of the regulation of medicinal products for human and veterinary use with Web technology.
  • Development of an information system for the management of scientific literature data in the field of laboratory testing for the ECVAM Institute (European Center for the Validation of Alternative Methods).

Organization, Management and Control Models

  • Construction of the Organizational Model for the prevention of offenses: OHSAS 18001 Workers' Health and Safety Management System and Management Model.
  • Organizational, Management and Control Model D.Lgs. 231/2001, L.123 / 2007, Legislative Decree 81/2008.

Quality, Environment, Health and Safety

  • Application of environmental modeling to the reality of pollution of the American territory, transferring the know-how acquired in the monitoring and related statistical processing of data applied to the Seveso case.
  • Definition of procedures for monitoring CO2 emissions, ET - Emission Trading.
  • Definition of Integrated Management Systems for Quality, Environment, Health and Safety of Workers, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.
  • Integration of environmental issues with the Environmental Management System.
  • PAL-TP Local Tumor Implementation Plan: Evaluation of Chemical Risk and Carcinogenic Risk profile and support for verification meetings with Institutions.
  • Design of the BEP Best Practices Handbook.
  • Design of environmental accounting and consumption management models.
  • Design, Development and Implementation of an Environmental Management System in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14001 Standard.
  • Design, Development and Implementation of a Quality Management System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001 Standard.
  • Consultancy support project in the field of verification and certification of environmental management systems in compliance with UNI EN ISO 14000: 96 standards.
  • Security Observatory Project: definition of innovative skills and behaviors in the security area through a system of collection, analysis, decision-making on events (incidents with or without damage, quasi-events, sentinel events).
  • Implementation of the site's Environmental Management Report for the extraordinary maintenance, expansion and regulatory adaptation of the schools in Legnano.
  • Environmental assistance service to SMEs of the six municipalities of the Simplon axis under the "Development Program Law 236/93" funded by the Ministry of Labor.
  • Study of sampling strategies for environmental control of the Seveso area.

Risk Management and IT Transformation

  • Analysis and assessment of risks for the health and safety of workers Legislative Decree 626/94, Legislative Decree 81/08 and related obligations.
  • Industry Classification at Risk of Major Accident (Seveso regulation).
  • Computerized Model of Management Support and Territorial Analysis for the Contaminated Sites.
  • Knowledge management project related to waste produced by healthcare facilities: guidelines, monitoring, statistical analysis, time trends and dissemination of all benchmarking reports to all the Health Structures of the Lombardy Region.
  • Innovative project of knowledge management in the management of sources at risk containing PoliCloroBiphenyls (PCBs): summary of the legislation, management and coordination of the responsibilities of the bodies in charge.
  • Innovative project to manage knowledge relating to risks and damage deriving from health activities: collection, analysis of data, statistical processing of indicators and dissemination to all the Health Structures of the Lombardy Region.
  • Implementation of Environmental Health Hazard Analysis Specific Site for industrial site contaminated by heavy metals and presentation to Services Conferences.
  • Georeferential system with structured databases for the Prevention Department.
  • Integrated information system for monitoring and processing of environmental and epidemiological data and knowledge for the management of projects for the characterization and remediation of contaminated sites.
  • Study of corporate indicators of risks and damages from health activities and model of health risk management: data collection module for injuries to operators.
  • Support for the strengthening of the Public Health Laboratory for the analysis of PCB's, the management of data quality and collaborations with other laboratories.
  • Consultancy support and data management system for the definition of the environmental contamination model (PCB, PCDD, PCDF) for contaminated sites of national importance.
  • Development of the planning, management, transmission and dissemination of data that constitutes a standard for polluted sites of national importance and consultancy support on the environmental fate of highly persistent contaminants in the environment.

Human Resources and IT Transformation

  • Organizational analysis and definition of managerial and key roles.
  • Organizational and remuneration analysis of key roles.
  • Training courses Environment, Health and Safety for employees of the steel and rolling mill departments.
  • Definition of Role Profiles and Training.
  • Definition of the performance management process: skills and training.
  • Computerization of the selection, evaluation and training of Human Resources.
  • Technical-Professional Training Project through the definition of a repertoire of skills, training for leaders for evaluation, definition of training plans.
  • Training project to support the Organizational Model and the definition of the Health and Safety Management System for Workers.
  • Implementation of an information system (MBO) for the management of corporate objectives and incentives for short, medium and long term (SMART methodology).
  • Development of the IT application for the management of objectives, incentives and salaries.