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In 1994 Silvia Cerlesi established KEISDATA as a knowledge engineering company for the management of knowledge and risk analysis through information systems. The systems are able to manage the multidisciplinary skills in the environmental - health - epidemiological field, in the field of regulatory analysis from Community policies to national, regional and local implementation, thanks to the collaboration with the European Community in Knowledge Management projects and with the Lombardy Region in the assessment and analysis of environmental risks.

The Seveso case of 1976 was a matter of study and subsequently provided guidelines for the assessment of the risk of incidental events. In response to the management of these incidental events, the responses of the various experts were engineered to build intelligent systems to support the management of the emergency.

The origins of KEISDATA go back to a collaboration with the research center of the European community of Ispra, Varese, for the realization of a structured information system on the specific programs (deriving from the budget of the European community), and the relative calls for proposals, at the order to provide information cards. The information system developed by the CCR with the contribution of KEISDATA in the compilation of the descriptions of the individual funding opportunities was intended for use by ICREA. The maintenance of the information system has led to the development of a continuous knowledge on the evolution of specific programs of the European Community. In the Environment area, an expert system was developed to manage the risk sources containing PCB (Polychlorobiphenyl), and to evaluate the different environmental scenarios in case of leakage or release of toxic substances. This information system was developed as part of the collaboration with Ispra CCR and Sea Marconi Technologies'.

Since 2000 KEISDATA supports companies in the path of sustainability by implementing Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Management Systems in compliance with international standards. The developed approach supports the growth of the organization through the improvement of organizational, management and operational processes.

Since 2007 KEISDATA, based on the new regulatory framework on Health and Safety, new skills are acquired in the human resources area and comprises a team of experts able to develop Organizational, Management and Control Models. The construction of organizational models for the prevention of crimes (Legislative Decree 231/01 and Legislative Decree 81/2008, article 30), compliant with the Confindustria guidelines and the OHSAS 18001 standard, allowed the development of innovative methodologies and tools for Risk and People Management.

In 2009 KEISDATA gave life to a project that will bear the name PI-KR, with modular architecture, built on innovative knowledge and risk management methodologies, to allow companies to approach the issues of Certification and Compliance Regulations through the definition and management of a single risk process (ISO 31000).

In 2011 KEISDATA obtained the certification of the PI-KR software for the Certisoftware Technical Disciplinary, a new scheme dedicated to certifying the ability of the software to support the application of the company management systems, and acquired the Certificate of Conformity of the software edited by Certiquality.

In 2015 KEISDATA released a new version of the PI-KR informatic platform, featuring a new graphical interface and new features. In the face of this renewal and to better highlight the full management characteristics of the Governance Risk and Compliance processes, the PI-KR platform becomes KRC®: Knowledge, Risk and Compliance Solution.