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Silvia Cerlesi

Graduated in Applied Mathematics at the University of Pavia, she specialized in statistical elaboration of environmental pollution data, working for eleven years at the Department of Nuclear and Theoretical Physics of the same University; coordinating agreements with the Special Office for Seveso of the Lombardy Region and with the European Community. She spent some periods at the University of Missouri to apply statistical methodologies to other cases of dioxin pollution in the USA.

Silvia is required as a seconded national expert at the Joint Research Center of Ispra - Environment Institute, to exploit the knowledge of data modeling and assessment of risk and environmental impact in the event of an accident or chemical spill.

In 1994 she decided to start a new working phase founding the KEISDATA company to put his knowledge in the generation of information systems to use, in the management of multidisciplinary skills in the environmental field and in the field of health and safety. Provides consultants with their skills in risk analysis and assessment and their ability to engineer and share knowledge. Over the years it has managed the collaboration with the General Health Department of the Lombardy Region on health risk issues.

She has participated in several Scientific Technical Committees on the PCB of the ASL of Brescia, she has participated in working groups of Expert Systems at the Ispra Center, Institute of the Environment and Systems, she has been part of the Analytical-Statistical Commission as an expert in the field of Statistical analysis of experimental environmental epidemiological data. She was part of the Italian delegation of NATO / CCMS on Dioxins.

Her experience is completed by scientific publications and participation in national and international conferences.

Carlo Körner

He has extensive consulting experience in many sectors, with large Italian companies and with the subsidiaries of major multinationals. He has particular expertise in the design of organizational systems and performance management in highly unstable contexts. Carlo is an expert in translating the organizational strategies of his clients into reality.

He is a coach who enjoys trust with executives and works with his clients to improve company standards. In the last 15 years he has held important managerial positions at Hay Group and Watson Wyatt where he was responsible for the Pharmaceutical sector and the Knowledge Management practice. Previously he gained a long experience in the manufacturing sector.

Carlo holds a degree in Economics and Business from the Bocconi University and has obtained the qualification to use the Situational Leadership model (Center for Leadership Studies of Paul Hersey - Escondido - California) obtained at the University of San Diego.

Davide Persetti

Graduated in Information Sciences at the University of Milan, he began his career at Sirti where he mainly deals with the interaction and connectivity between departmental systems (IBM and Windows) and the central mainframe. This peculiar skill makes him arrive in Microsoft Italy where he remains for 16 years covering various roles and with different levels of responsibility: from the initial Support Engineer up to the Team Manager with the dual responsibility of Business Manager and People Manager. In this period he works with the most important Italian companies developing good negotiation skills, stress management and business development. In recent years he has collaborated with Pipeline and Softjam, both Microsoft partner companies, following firsthand some important digital transformation projects in important Italian and non-Italian companies, focusing on the cloud world, in particular Microsoft Azure, and Office 365. Strongly motivated, attentive to results and how they are achieved, has always placed customers at the center by offering them ideas and solutions aimed at growth and their own development.

He carries with him some certifications like MCSE and ITIL as well as the qualification of volleyball coach of 1st degree FIPAV.

Cosimo Carbonelli

He has skills in software quality and security, has held the roles of Software Architect and Technical Leader of software products, Project Manager in the R&D sector and carried out technological research activities. He holds the position of Head of Development - Software Architect of KRC® software products, Knowledge, Risk and Compliance Information Platform, including the GRC (Governance Risk Compliance) - Documentation System for Management Systems - through:

  • coordination of people and activities related to software development;
  • the analysis of new functions, product design, development management;
  • technical support for pre-sales activities;
  • analysis and implementation of new technologies.

As part of software development and security, he began in 1997 when he joined the Italian division of Siemens Building Technologies (formerly Cerberus Dati) where he developed integrated hardware-software systems for the anti-intrusion security of complex and extended areas. Here he deals with the design and development of client-server systems for the historicization of events for the purpose of diagnostic and forensic tracking. During this period he participates in various national and international projects.

Giovanni Rudello

Graduated from the Liceo Classico Daniele Crespi, he enrolled at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Pavia, where he obtained a three-year Degree in Theoretical Philosophy with a thesis on the moving image as representation and creation of concepts: starting from Wittgenstein's Philosophical Research, tries to capture the cinematographic character of the Wittgensteinian Linguistic Game, to make it a comparison with Michelangelo Antonioni's "La Notte".

During the three years of university he develops a problem solving capacity on a logical basis, with a strong propensity to simplify. In this period, in particular thanks to courses in Philosophy of Science and Cognitive Philosophy, he shows an interest in Knowledge Management and Heuristics, as a management and research of knowledge.

From May 2017 he starts a path as an intern at the IT and consulting company KEISDATA S.r.l. as a Business Analyst and communication manager, during which he exploits the acquired analytical skills and a logical approach to his duties. Here he demonstrates that he is able to work in a multidisciplinary environment, implementing mediation skills, both external and internal.

IT Team

The IT Team consists of experts in the design, development and implementation of IT products.
Collaborates, already in the early stages of the project, to make available to the consultants tools able to enhance and facilitate the process of sharing knowledge to and from the customer's contacts. Currently KEISDATA has in its catalog products related to the areas of Management and Development of Human Resources, the management of the Regulatory Frameworks and Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Management Systems.

Thematic Areas and Project Consultants

KEISDATA employs a team of expert consultants of voluntary and binding legislation for the development of projects in the areas of Management and Development of Human Resources, the management of regulatory frameworks and systems of Quality management, Environment, Health and Safety, Energy, Information Security and Business Continuity, Corporate Social Responsibility and Organizational Model 231, regulation 262, Anti-Money Laundering and Privacy.