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KEISDATA has accepted the challenge of creating an environment that enhances the sharing and management of knowledge by integrating different thought patterns through the construction of systems able to make information available when and where necessary, but which help to think and work together.

KEISDATA, always attentive to quality certifications, has obtained the transition to UN EN ISO ISO 9001:2015 certifying the design, development, implementation, installation, configuration, technical assistance and maintenance of IT systems, in Risk Management, Compliance and Governance Company.

Who We are?

KEISDATA is an IT services and innovative SME company, focused on the development of software for the management of business risks, compliance and knowledge engineering. Areas that today represent one of the frontiers of innovation according to the studies of the Gartner Group. The company has recently launched on the market an IT platform called KRC® - Solution, certified by Certiquality as a highly innovative product. KRC® has already been chosen, in turn, by leading Italian companies and foreign multinationals and is recognized on the market as the best solution for risk management. Accredited by a research carried out by the Milan Polytechnic as the most complete and innovative Risk Management solution. The high potential of KEISDATA has already been recognized by an accredited Venture Capital Company, RED-FISH Kapital which, at the end of 2014, has acquired a significant share of the company and currently also plays an active role in financial management, development of networking and business growth.

Our Mission

Support companies in the certification and compliance processes of company management systems with the evolution of legislative and regulatory frameworks, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the business through the development of IT systems for risk management and corporate governance.

Our Vision

Contribute to capitalize the knowledge held by people for risk management through the development of the KRC® information platform, which becomes a reference standard for GRC systems.