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  • Analysis and assessment of risks for the health and safety of workers Legislative Decree 626/94, Legislative Decree 81/08 and related obligations.
  • Industry Classification at Risk of Major Accident (Seveso regulation).
  • Computerized Model of Management Support and Territorial Analysis for the Contaminated Sites.
  • Knowledge management project related to waste produced by healthcare facilities: guidelines, monitoring, statistical analysis, time trends and dissemination of all benchmarking reports to all the Health Structures of the Lombardy Region.
  • Innovative project of knowledge management in the management of sources at risk containing PoliCloroBiphenyls (PCBs): summary of the legislation, management and coordination of the responsibilities of the bodies in charge.
  • Innovative project to manage knowledge relating to risks and damage deriving from health activities: collection, analysis of data, statistical processing of indicators and dissemination to all the Health Structures of the Lombardy Region.
  • Implementation of Environmental Health Hazard Analysis Specific Site for industrial site contaminated by heavy metals and presentation to Services Conferences.
  • Georeferential system with structured databases for the Prevention Department.
  • Integrated information system for monitoring and processing of environmental and epidemiological data and knowledge for the management of projects for the characterization and remediation of contaminated sites.
  • Study of corporate indicators of risks and damages from health activities and model of health risk management: data collection module for injuries to operators.
  • Support for the strengthening of the Public Health Laboratory for the analysis of PCB's, the management of data quality and collaborations with other laboratories.
  • Consultancy support and data management system for the definition of the environmental contamination model (PCB, PCDD, PCDF) for contaminated sites of national importance.
  • Development of the planning, management, transmission and dissemination of data that constitutes a standard for polluted sites of national importance and consultancy support on the environmental fate of highly persistent contaminants in the environment.