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From 1 February 2015, the new release of the KEISDATA IT platform is available on the market, characterized by a new graphical interface and new features. The platform presents a new brand - KRC® - designed to set the principles of the GRC framework and highlight process management.

The platform adopts the principles of the GRC framework (Governance, Risk and Compliance):

  • Knowledge Management - capitalize the company knowledge, engage people, make them aware and participate in the impact of their experience in Risk analysis
  • Risk Management - managing the various Risk profiles through a unique and integrated control system based on the ISO 31000:2018 standard
  • Compliance Management - identify and promptly analyze the impacts determined by rules and laws, define plans for consequent actions and make them operational.

The Knowledge Management process includes the governance issues related to the organization, processes, people and the reference context; at the same time it accompanies the company along its path of sustainability, respecting and applying the mandatory rules, as well as in voluntary compliance decisions.

The development of the sustainability path is closely linked to a structured analysis of the risks in the complexity of the processes, the incorrect application of the mandatory rules, the lack of prevention and management of adverse events, in the insufficient monitoring of the procedures. The Risk Management process guides this analysis and helps to seize and develop new opportunities for improvement.

Compliance Management provides the company with a complete and up-to-date picture of current and future regulations and laws, and prepares the company to face both the daily requirements and the future problems protected from critical and damaging events.