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  • Publishing, consultancy and assistance for the management of the information system on loans and tendering procedures of the European Union.
  • Creation of a manual for the Application Tracking System (ATS) for the authorization procedures of drugs.
  • Creation of an information system, based on a federation of databases, to organize, archive and manage the community information on tenders and market analysis.
  • Implementation of the Expert Document System (EDS) platform.
  • Computerization of the Observatory of Health and Safety integrated with the Environment.
  • Computer engineering of documentation related to the Environmental Management System and Health and Safety of Workers.
  • Project to characterize the main sources of knowledge applied to a private research center and outsourced document processing service.
  • Realization of the WEB site and of the document management system, of the knowledge and of the regulation.
  • Creation of a document collection on electronic support on the European Procedures related to the Consumer Protection Policy.
  • Drafting of guides, technical insights and newsletters.
  • Consultation system of rules, laws, obligations and knowledge to support the process of responsibilities and delegations.
  • Study of eCommerce techniques through the creation of a website for the Intranet of the Ispra Joint Center on the organization and classification of the Informative Notes disseminated within the Center.
  • IT support for the ETOMEP project (European Technical Office for MEdicinal Products) for the development of the Eudranet and technical network for Internet Publishing activities.
  • Development of a document system on legislation in the field of the regulation of medicinal products for human and veterinary use with Web technology.
  • Development of an information system for the management of scientific literature data in the field of laboratory testing for the ECVAM Institute (European Center for the Validation of Alternative Methods).