Innovative IT platform

KRC® is an innovative, multi-language and multi-culture IT platform, which revolutionizes the way of managing and assessing business risks, exploiting the skills of the various company representatives, facilitating teamwork and helping to share knowledge up to at the decision-making stages.

Integrated management system

KRC® is an integrated management system in which the processes of the thematic areas of the sustainability path, the ERM applied to all types of risk, the Organizational Model and other specific sector regulations have been engineered.

Knowledge Management

The Knowledge Management process capitalizes on company and people's knowledge, involves them, makes them participate and aware of the impact of their experience in risk analysis. KRC® develops the Knowledge Management approach to support Risk Management, allowing the structuring and sharing of knowledge in line with the existing cultural heritage and consistent with the new strategic and operational needs.

Risk Management

The Risk Management process is applied according to the ISO 31000: 2018 standard which allows the best management of the different types of risk through a unique control framework integrated into a collaborative model. In KRC® the Risk Management methodology is applied to all processes through: events, direct observations, measurements and monitoring, indications and reports from managers and workers.

Compliance Management

The Compliance Management process consists in the identification, analysis and timely assessment of the effects of regulatory intervention on the Company's activities. The analysis of the regulatory impact applied in KRC® constitutes a support for the decisions of the top management and of the delegated roles. The aim is to define an appropriate strategy for the management of regulatory compliance.

Setup scenarios

The architectural options are as follows:

  • “On Premise”: Application and database are installed on the customer's server.
  • “In Cloud”: Application and database are hosted on the Microsoft Azure IAAS “Cloud Computing” platform.

Both an all-in-one architecture and a distributed application-server and db-server infrastructure are possible. The VMs are configured in relation to the sizing that emerged from the analysis of the customer's requirements. The connection to the Azure platform takes place via a site-to-site VPN tunnel to the virtual network on which the application environment will be attested.