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il software che aiuta le imprese a minimizzare i costi aziendali

KRC - Solution® è in grado di ottemperare alla linea guida UNI 11865 del 2022, relativa alla "Gestione del Rischio - Linea Guida per l'integrazione della gestione del riscio nella governance e nelle attività operative di un'organizzazione in accordo alla UNI ISO 31000, con particolare riferimento ai sistemi di gestione basati sulle norme ISO che seguono la struttura di alto livello (HLS)"

The integrated GRC Software for internal control management


KRC® is an integrated management system in which the processes of the thematic areas of the sustainability path, the ERM applied to all types of risk, the Organizational Model and other specific sector regulations have been engineered. KRC® acts on the basis of a process approach, represented graphically, and guides business users, in relation to responsibility, role, title and job, to the data entry and consultation functions, reporting and dashboards.




Our Features

Dedicated consulting services

For each installed module, a support and consultancy service is available in order to make the KRC platform the most complete solution for the organization


The implementation of a module includes customized training sessions at the customer or remotely, a library of video tutorials is also available to support the training

Video tutorials in language dedicated to each flow of the KRC Platform

Standard and customer-specific video tutorials are available for each module of the platform

UI customization and language choice

The User Interface is based on standard reference flows updated to the regulatory framework and customizable on the context and business needs

Integrated management of internal control

KRC meets all the operational needs of the various players in the Internal Control System

Norms and Laws update

KRC automates the updating of rules and laws that allows the Customer to conduct the regulatory impact analysis on the business

Intuitive Charts and Indicators

The platform features several customizable homepages made up of various types of graphs that support data analysis

Web-based accessibility

The KRC solution is available On Premise and on Cloud Azure and is accessible from the supported Edge and Chrome browsers


KRC Modules