Context analysis

Context analysis and understanding of the needs in “as is” analysis activities, process measurement, gap analysis with respect to the needs of the internal control system.

Solution to be

Definition of the action plan aimed at achieving the "to be" model shared with the customer, consisting of activities integrated into the business context, also aimed at meeting the international standards of the COSO Framework and Integrated Risk Management. The definition of the plan follows a transversal logic.

Regulatory support to the customer

Monitoring and updating of the regulations in force in a dedicated database that can be easily used by all those in charge. The frequency of the update is customizable and is scheduled by default every 15 days.

Responsibility of internal control figures

Thanks to the experience accumulated in various sectors, KEISDATA is able to offer support as internal control figures such as: DPO, Risk Manager and SB Members, guaranteeing the characteristics of independence required by the role.