Partners4Innovation, a DIGITAL360 society, offers Advisory and Coaching services to businesses and Public Administrations to support them in the process of Digital Transformation and Entrepreneurial Innovation. To do this, Partners4Innovation adopts a unique service model (called the "Advisory Engine") that aims to overcome the limits of scalability and cost of the classic consulting models.

Augustas Risk Services was born on 1 July 2019, inheriting the experience, know-how, customers and references of MAO Risk Consulting and the Risk Consulting department of PCA Consultative Broker.

Leader in supporting the growth of client companies through tailored risk management solutions, with an integrated and coordinated approach aimed at analyzing all risks, and taking into consideration all the tools available for their management, achieving the goal of maximum protection at minimum total cost.

Consilia, through an integrated approach, a flexible structure and a very sharp professional skill, Consilia offers, to their own Customers, consulting and training services in the following areas:
  • Health & Safety at work
  • Environment
  • Human resource development
Conslila also supports their own Customers in all services related to the financing of the consulting and training.

Distline was born from an idea by Roberto Favaro and Stefano Zanoni in 2006. We started with the enthusiasm and desire to immediately bring tangible benefits to our customers. Thanks to commitment and constant training, we have been able to include new collaborators in our team, expand the variety of our IT solutions and create new synergies with high-level partners.