KEISDATA is an innovative SME, focused on the development of software for the management of corporate risks, compliance and knowledge engineering. Areas that today represent one of the frontiers of innovation according to the studies of the Gartner Group. KEISDATA has developed an IT platform called KRC® - Solution, certified by Certiquality as a highly innovative product. KRC® has been chosen by leading Italian companies and foreign multinationals who recognize its ability to generate value by accelerating digital transformation and the associated benefits. Accredited by a research of the Politecnico di Milano among the most complete and innovative solutions for risk management. KEISDATA also boasts solid skills and experience gained on management systems and internal control and risk management systems.



KEISDATA's offer aims to encourage customer growth through the introduction of innovation in the increasingly strategic processes of Risk Management, Compliance and Internal Control. The KRC® platform is an integrated GRC capable of supporting the process of sharing knowledge and generating value for all stakeholders thanks to specific solutions developed on the main core themes of the various industrial sectors.