KEISDATA è formata da un team di qualificati e riconosciuti professionisti con competenze tecnologiche e specialistiche sulle materie di Governance, Risk e Compliance. La condivisione della conoscenza, primario valore della società, è orchestrata da:

Silvia Cerlesi

Founder, CEO and R&D Director

Expert in engineering knowledge applied to IT tools and systems. Specialized in statistical processing of environmental pollution data.

Carlo Körner

Managing Director

Reference for the vast skills in the design of organizational systems, performance management and the practice of Knowledge Management.

Davide Persetti

Operation Director & Project Manager

Long experience on products and technological projects, reference in KEISDATA of relations with the Microsoft partner and expert in privacy management models on complex customers.

Cosimo Carbonelli

Head of Development & Software Architect

Software Architect and Technical Leader of IT products and reference for the Quality, updating and Safety of the product.

Fabio Meda

Business Integration Solution & Compliance Director

More than 20 years spent as an audit, compliance, risk manager and process analysis manager both in consultancy on various industries and in multinationals.

Giovanni Casati

Software Development Director & Project Manager.

Expert in web-based solutions, interface with the business for the development of integrated modules of Risk Management and Internal Audit.

Massimiliano Giacchè

Project Manager Director

Actuary with many years of experience in risk management and definition of quantitative methodologies for risk assessment.