Requirements collection

Fundamental phase for the customization of standard modules, with respect to the business need. Translation of functional requirements and technical requirements in order to allow efficient implementation of the solution.


Coaching and/or classroom training activities on the use of the Module. KEISDATA will also produce a Video-Tutorial in the language. Setting up of forms, prospectuses and the Module in general in other languages ​​other than Italian. The activity does not include the translation of the content entered.

Data Entry

Activities of taking charge of data and documents provided by the Customer and uploading to the Form. The activity will be provided by KEISDATA resources or by KEISDATA appointed through automatic import of data prepared by the Customer on suitable templates, forms and specific schemes provided by KEISDATA itself. KEISDATA will not guarantee support on different formats. If requested, KEISDATA can support the Customer's resources in uploading data, the responsibility of which will remain with the Customer.

Integration with systems

Analysis and design of the connectors necessary for interfacing the KRC® Module with systems used by the Customer. The activity therefore provides for the development and testing of the correct functioning of the integration before the final validation of the customer and the release into production.

Evolutionary support

Supporting the customer to meet the needs in a timely and punctual manner. Offering new features and features. The intervention of KEISDATA is always guaranteed in the face of a need.


The Module adopted provides a standard reference Home page for each enabled profile. Through the Home Pages, the different profiles have a dedicated area for effective management and real-time monitoring of the flow of expertise. KEISDATA, on the basis of the Requirements, designs and develops customized Home pages, enabling new reports and dashboards deemed necessary.


The module adopted provides for a standard reporting system that can be exported in Excel format. KEISDATA, on the basis of the Requirements, designs and develops dynamic management and operational reporting that can be integrated into standard document structures:

  • Standard parts aligned with the organizational context and regulatory updates
  • Dynamic parts that are automatically composed with the data and information managed in the module

Dedicated support

Ongoing support provided by a dedicated technical resource who will have the task of gathering the specific need relating to the Module adopted, identifying the solution, estimating the impact of the intervention on the Module itself, quantifying the effort and, after approval by the Customer, follow its development. As part of this Service, the Customer will be able to benefit from the proposition of new features that KEISDATA will develop on its own standards and aimed at improving the flow. It is understood that the dedicated Support will be provided on call and valued at the rates reserved for you.