KEISDATA is associated with ANRA (National Association of Risk Managers and Corporate Insurance Managers).

KEISDATA is a member of Confindustria Alto Milanese, the Association was established on May 4, 1945, and has always been a spokesperson for the interests linked to the development of local industry, a careful interlocutor of the institutions and the various political, economic and social forces.
KEISDATA actively participates in the activities of the Female Entrepreneurship Group, which has spontaneously formed itself and organizes meetings for comparisons and sharing experiences or organizes structured seminars on topics of interest.

KEISDATA is a member of the AIM Italian Metallurgical Association, founded in January 1946, which is a non-profit cultural organization, aimed at spreading the science and technology of metallic materials and other materials for engineering. The purpose of the association is to promote, through its activities, exchanges of ideas and experiences among all those interested in the development and deepening of knowledge in the field of metallic materials with particular regard to the promotion of meetings between producers, users and researchers.

The team of KEISDATA consultants has led to the certification of environmental, health and safety, several companies in the steel and metallurgical sector and some have acquired the Knowledge and Risk Management IT Platform to manage the various management systems. For these reasons we are members of AIM and at the annual conferences we presented the results of these applications.

KEISDATA is collaborating with the Polytechnic of Milan, in particular with the Centre for Risk Management and the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering. Various goals, such as creating synergies for the improvement of the culture and the effective, models of risk management, connected to the processes of governance and compliance (GRC). But also market studies on the state of adoption of GRC platforms and, consequently, comparative analysis on the solutions offered by the market itself.