System Management

1. Plant-Machinery-Equipment Context

The plant/machinery/equipment tree is defined according to the structure defined according to categories and sub-categories. In the asset sheet are inserted the technical characteristics (freshmen, power, model etc.), the technical documentation, the changes occurred, the certifications, the status. It is possible to insert a plan of the location of plants/machines/equipment.

2. Context Locations and Buildings

The type of usage characteristics, authorizations and documentation is defined for each location and building. It is possible to insert a plan of the location of plants/machines/equipment.

3. Maintenance Specifications

Depending on the type of plants/machines/equipment, the scheduled maintenance interventions, the type of activities, the managers, the frequency, the management and qualification of suppliers/external maintenance, the qualification of qualified workers/maintenance technicians are associated.

4. Planning and Management of Maintenance Activities

It builds the scheduled maintenance plans, manages the scheduled maintenance and fault maintenance by recording the date, the problem encountered, the action taken and the person in charge. Allows the creation of the master check list to support maintenance and checks. The expiry activities (notifications also via email) to the manager are automatically generated by the system. Generate a Dashboard indicators on the recording of performance indicators interventions (KPI).

5. Register Maintenance performed

A navigable report is created allowing you to view all the interventions carried out.
6. Reports, indicators and trends

Reports, indicators, distributions and time representations are managed.


Other Processes

Changes Management The Change Management flow manages the entire process from the change request to the planning and management of change activities. Enables management of approval and information workflows. Different types of documents are managed both with external documents uploading and as documents generated by the Platform.
Suppliers Qualification Management Allows management of the entire vendor list management cycle and supplier evaluation criteria. Enables the management of audits at the Suppliers and through an area reserved to them allows the uploading of documents both binding and requested by the Company.


Integrated Areas and Flows

The processes of Audit, Targets, Operational Controls, Event Management and Non-Conformity and Re-examination are managed in integrated flows for the different Management Systems: Environment, Health and Safety, Quality, Energy, Privacy, Information Security, Anti-corr​uption, Social Responsibility.

Human Resources Area

  • Registry File Management: allows you to manage the integration between the corporate HR Database and the KRC HR Database. It allows the production of personal data sheets: it associates the job, the qualifications and the legal and corporate titles; it composes the training booklet from the training flow, the risk assessment form from the risk assessment flow, the health protocol from the health surveillance flow, the PPE per task and distributed by the PPE flow.
  • Organization charts: allows you to produce the corporate and legal organization chart.
  • Roles and Responsibilities: allows the Job Description to be produced with regard to activities and responsibilities from the Procedures and Instructions Management flow.  

Flow Norms and Laws for the Management of Legal Prescriptions

It allows to produce the regulatory framework, the systematization of the provisions contained in the provisions and to assess the legislative compliance by identifying methods of verification and control and those responsible. It generates the regulatory schedule with the sending of prescription notifications to the managers. The rules and laws and the provisions relating to the risk element will be displayed in the risk and environmental aspects forms.

Norms and Laws update service

KEISDATA provides the supply with a fortnightly update of the rules and laws characterized by Scope, Thematic, Sub-topic, Topic and Element of risk with relative upload of the legislative document. Generates the regulatory schedule with notifications to managers.

Autohorization management flow

It allows you to manage authorization from identification to assigning responsibilities. Create the authorization framework, manage the related activities and create the authorization register. Generates the schedule with notification of notice and registration of the successful completion with upload of the documentation.