Documentation, Instructions and Operating Procedures Management for Health and Safety and Environment, and Approval Work-Flow

The Need

The Company needed  to have a management system for the documentation procedures and operational instructions for health and safety and the environment, in order to:

  • optimize and update the procedures, the operating instructions and the rules as the organization evolves,
  • make the Organization autonomous in updating and creating procedures and operating instructions,
  • make available the authorization levels of the procedures suitable for their validation,
  • extrapolate from the procedures and operating instructions the data related to the different paragraphs for different uses.

The Solution

  1. Definition of a Procedure and Instruction data model
  2. Activity of conversion from Word to data model in which every information becomes a processable data
  3. Support to the various contacts for the modification/updating of the contents of the paragraph Responsibility/Activity or the insertion of missing data, providing homogeneous extractions of data of the Procedures and Instructions
  4. Training activities alongside the various referents
  5. Loading of existing documentation both in terms of revisions and in terms of attached models
  6. Preparation of a dashboard to implement the cohesion between the procedures
  7. Activation of the Workflow process of Procedures and Instructions:
  • Definition of the documental context and definition of the types of documents and responsible for aligning the WF with what is contained in the current procedures of the Company;
  • In the creation of the new procedure the platform automatically generates the new code with the suffix and the progressive number;
  • At each approval, correction and acceptance step, the notification e-mails are sent to the related referent, which will be available on the home page of each referent.


  • It represents, with different views, the chapters of the Procedures and Operational Instructions allowing an analysis on the state of cohesion, overlapping and updating of the contents.
  • It disseminates updated information allowing its use in the Human Resources area to feed the process of training and assessment of specialist technical and managerial skills as well as in organizational clarity by producing Job Description.
  • Empowers, through the process of management of approvals, the different roles according to levels of access defined.
  • It provides a safe guide on business, process, organizational, plant and structural changes, making the resources aware of their activities.
  • It harmonizes and disseminates the updated regulatory and authorization framework in the management of Procedures and Instructions, and builds a common glossary.
  • It represents the procedural flow through a graphic representation that allows the connection, at each phase, of the relative forms.